Typhoid Fever

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Series 10: Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection acquired from food or water contaminated with particles of human sewage containing the causative microorganism.

The bacteria responsible for TYPHOID FEVER is called Salmonella typhi; which may be found in dairy products such as milk and ice-cream; as well as in undercooked meats. The common housefly may transfer the germs.

In communities with poor sanitation, water is the most frequent means of transmitting typhoid fever. In urban areas, food contaminated by healthy typhoid carriers poses the greatest danger.


Early symptoms of Typhoid include headache, loss of energy and fever. Cough is common and there may be nosebleeds. The abdomen becomes swollen and the person may become profoundly weak, confused and delirious. The appetite is poor, the tongue is coated and the teeth are covered with a brownish deposit.

Diarrhoea is common, especially at first, but there may be constipation instead. The stools have a very offensive odour. Serious complications may develop, such as intestinal haemorrhage and intestinal perforation, especially during the third week of the illness.


Prevention of typhoid infections depends on good sanitation, proper hygiene among food handlers and; the tracing and treatment of carriers. The individual’s best prospect of avoiding typhoid fever consists of being vaccinated against this disease. In fact, vaccination is very desirable for persons who have had contact with a patient suffering from the disease and also, for any person traveling in areas where typhoid fever occurs or in areas where water purity is questionable, and for those living where a typhoid epidemic has developed.


In Holistic Lifecare, we strongly believe that the best way to control typhoid infection is by going back to Nature in terms of wholesomeness in our food and water intake.

In that wise, the patient should use pure water only for food and drinks where possible. Otherwise, efforts should be made to boil and filter the water before use. To help remove toxins from the body system, it is advisable to include pure fruit juice in the diet.


For effective treatment of Typhoid infections, the Holistic Natural Remedy being suggested consists of herbal extracts of Ananas comosus, Carica papaya, Citrus limoni, Ocimum gratissimum and Taraxacum officinale.

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