About Us

Doctor Zulu Lifecare International

The Dr. Zulu herbal Remedy consortium is registered in Nigeria as a corporate body under the Companies and Allied Matters Decree (1990); for holistic research, training and services in complementary healthcare, consultancy services, sales and dispensing of patent medicine, production and distribution of natural healthcare products, imports, export and general merchandise.

Zulu Herbal Remedy applies the best combination of natural therapies, in the provision of complementary and wholesome healthcare services. Natural therapy in this context implies a non-conventional system of preventing or eliminating physical, mental, social or spiritual ailments; which may rely exclusively on past experience and observation handed down from generation to generation, verbally or in writing. It involves the use of herbs, animal matter, mineral compounds, and where applicable other relevant esoteric (paranormal) practices.

The ZuluLifecare International, under the auspices of its registered Academy of natural Medicine, has pioneered the practical and didactical training of some of its affiliated members throughout the Federation, especially in the South-Western States of Nigeria; during which the participants learn how to make capsules, tablets, boluses, syrup, medicated soap, cream, lotion, balm, wine, etc. using herbal/traditional medicine products. The training also provides the opportunity for them to know how to preserve, label, and stock their products for exhibition and marketing in Nigeria and in abroad.

The Profile of Dr. Zulu

A consortium for the production and marketing of natural medicine with headquarters based in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. He is also the Chairman and Chief Consultant of Mosebolatan Naturalist Hospital;in Kasoa, Central Region, Ghana.

Born in Ijebu Ode on 23rd November, 1955; he was educated at ogunayo College where he finished with Grade One. He proceeded to read Veterinary Medicine at the University of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. where he was awarded the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) and Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (M.P.V.M.) degrees with distinctions, prizes and medals as the best-all-round graduate for the year 1981.

He also attended the University of Reading, where he was awarded the Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) degree in Epidemiology, with distinction, in 1985. He crowned his academic career with the award of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree by the University of Ile Ife, in 1987; having submitted the first thesis in Biomathematical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases.

In recognition of his exemplary leadership qualities and positive contributions to the development of herbs, Dr. Zulu has been conferred with several arch-traditional chieftaincy titles including the Aare-Isegun Obaruwa of Ijebu-land, the Oba-Isegun of Ibefun, the Baale-Isegun of Ona-Ara, Ibadan-land and the Aare-Asa of Oke-Are land.

At the zenith of his spiritual development, Dr. Zulu was anointed as the Baba Ijo (God-father) of the World Headquarters of The Holiness Cherubim and Seraphim Spiritual Church of Christ (Nigeria & Overseas). Also, he was recently appointed as the coordinator of the International Health Project for Development of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Program.  He is happily married with children.